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Ally Stone

Northern Alberta Partner, Original Joes

Ally Stone has always been drawn to the hospitality industry. Growing up in the industry, it was no surprise when her and her husband Chris took a risk on themselves and bought their first restaurant at the age of 25. That South Edmonton restaurant continues to be one of the flagship locations for the Original Joe’s brand.

With their own restaurant and many years of experience, Ally recognized there was a better path to leadership and people development in restaurants than what had currently been practiced in the hospitality industry. Long known for its grueling hours, low pay, unfair labour practices, and high turnover, Ally set out to change it all. Anchoring their culture around a core purpose to "Take Care of People", this became the lightning rod for which all decisions would pass through and transformed the group of fifteen restaurants she is now in charge of. The restaurants Ally leads boast the lowest team turnover rates in the Northern Alberta restaurant market.

A coach, mentor and leader to many of today’s young leaders in YEG, “Taking Care of People” became much bigger than simply looking after the teams and the guests. For more than a decade, Ally has spearheaded community events that have made a real difference. She has taken what started out as a very small community 5 km fun run and turned it into the 3rd largest fundraiser of all time for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Society. She had an idea to feed and clothe the homeless of Edmonton in 2017 and over the past two winters, her Delivering Compassion campaign with Santa YEG has delivered over 12,000 meals to Edmonton’s less fortunate.

This past year Ally launched a passion project called "One Soul”, a clothing company aimed at using innovative clothing designs to spread the message of positivity and gratitude with the world.